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If you like the hammerless style of the Glock, the Springfield Armory XD and XDm guns are similar in function. I shoot 1911s for the most part so I don't keep up on who is making what.

I have an XD9 and it is a great gun! I suggest you try to find a place that rents guns and give one a try.

I have been reading this forum for about 2 years and I don't think anyone has come up with a fix for 'all' guns. Some guns always work, some guns can be fixed, some guns can be improved but not fixed and others, not so much.

You showed a couple of serial number prefixes but I didn't look up the manufacturing dates. In theory, Gen 3 guns after about 2008 (this is an 'iffy' date - nobody knows the real date when all the changes came about) and Gen 4 guns have the problems. A gun build prior to 2007 should be good to go.

That's another option: Look around for a used gun made before 2007.

And you're right! Glocks shoot better with heavy loads. People may not like shooting them but the gun functions better. For 9mm, you want to look for 124 gr NATO loads. The lighter 115 gr bullet doesn't work well.

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