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Has anyone really fixed Gen4 brass to the head yet?

I have been looking and all I have found are "kinda" work fixes.
G.T. has proven to be the best place I have found for (mostly) reliable info. so it is only fitting to ask here.
What I have are two Gen4 17s (pfcxxx and tgbxxx) that love to hit me and my wife in the head with brass. If it were an occasional tap every now and then I wouldn't be too put out about it but, my wife is just starting to shoot (I still have my first gun from 1975) and when a hot piece of brass glues itself to her, that makes a bad day...
She has fired my Kimber, Ruger, Colt, Smith, you name it but she loves the Glock!! She likes my PPQ but hates the 40 cal round. So I MUST get these things fixed. Glock has done NOTHING for us (same spring/extractor/ejector).
what I have done:
1. Stoned / polished extractor - helped but after 20 rounds started getting pummeled again.
2. Put 40 cal extractor in after "fitting" - helped, stoned and polished same - no difference.
3. made 4 loads using different powder/weight combos - real hot loads work 80% of the time but she cant shoot 50 without feeling it (no fun). Soft loads work as wwb. 50-60%
4. Stand in one place looking stupid. That for some reason got many onlookers but fixed nothing.
Any new fixes will be appreciated!!
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