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Originally Posted by TxGlock9 View Post
So I gotta say I'm a big STI fan. Right now I have only a Ranger II but would like to add more to my soon to become 1911 collection. I've talked to Glock2740(Thanks brother) already about Dan Wesson CCO and it's great, but would also like to know other options as well. Especially in the Sti line.

So far I'm eyeballing the Lawman, Guardian, Spartan IV. Mind you this will be a carry piece so would like a slightly shorter frame, Commander size preferably and commander or officer size slide. 45acp or 9mm. Doesn't matter.

What say you guys?

I don't have any that your are looking at. the Spartan IV will be the same size as the Ranger II. The STI Guardian will be a CCO size.

here's what replaced my DW Guardian.

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