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Originally Posted by OhioGlock90 View Post
Instead of being a jerk why don't you convince him otherwise? If the 1911 is so good as you think it is it shouldn't be hard!
Seventy years of service with the US Armed Forces in a multitude of wars and theatres of campaign that range from the arctic to the tropic aren't enough?

Perhaps some "knowledgeable" gunners can inform me of Glock's illustrious services? Other than the Norwegian and Austrian armies, who haven't fought a war since who knows how long, that is.

I will agree that before judging something you need to look to multiple sources and even try it for yourself. Maybe lets get a pros and cons of the 1911 going to educate the misinformed?
If people don't know by now how mediocre a Glock is when compared to John Moses Browning's finest creation...
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