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Originally Posted by OhioGlock90 View Post
Instead of being a jerk why don't you convince him otherwise? If the 1911 is so good as you think it is it shouldn't be hard! I will agree that before judging something you need to look to multiple sources and even try it for yourself. Maybe lets get a pros and cons of the 1911 going to educate the misinformed?

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I agreed with Bac posting 100%. I tend to lose patience with individuals that have no “real world knowledge” and post things on forums when they are “obviously clueless (about the) subject matter”. Why would any reasonable person do that? Are they so starved for attention and/or recognition that they are willing to make fools of themselves by evidencing their own ignorance. Have they no shame.

In my experience, it is a waste of time and effort to attempt to educate someone like that and it is not Bac’s burden in life to attempt to do so. It is the duty of the “clueless” to seek out the information and educate themselves.

It was obvious that the original poster was not seeking knowledge and he gave no indication that he would even be receptive to facts that were contrary to his preconceived ideas. He was making a statement and parroting things that he had gleaned from his idol, Mr Yeager.

Your criticism of Bac is unwarranted and if I were in your position, I would apologize. But then, perhaps my ethics and values are different from yours.

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