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Originally Posted by joecoastie View Post
If you're really interested in a 1911 you might want to consult more informed sources. Recoil magazine comes off as being by amateurs for amateurs (the pretty pictures are entertaining though). James Yeager, from what I have seen of his Youtube videos seems pretty closed minded to anything that isn't a Glock. The best thing is to try one for yourself, but it seems like you've already made up your mind without any first hand experience.
I don't dislike Yeager. He is the definitive President, CEO, and founding father of Glock Fan boys International. I got a kick out of his 1000 round torture test of a Glock. Every time the Glock would jam or FTF, they blamed the ammo. Funny stuff. Apparently, Yeager feels he can have it both ways, and that's okay.

Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart.

General Firearms Forum

Jim "The Anvil" Yeager.

General Firearms Forum

Anyone see a resemblance in persona? Now if we can get Yeager in some tights......

That Iraq thing really changed Yeager.
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