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I own a few of each. For your purposes I would think the AK would serve you well.

If it's going to sit in the closet most of the time just get a basic AK not and AR. People have laid out all the reasons but the main selling point for an AK is it's reliability and durabilty. Most things on an AK can be fixed with a hammer. Bad ammo is no problem. Dirty rifle, Nyet problem. No cleaning supplies, wash it out with a hose, wipe it dry and lube with motor oil again no problem. Both will do the job but for your purposes when shtf an AK will serve you well.

Sonny P, a Russian trainer, tells a story about the AR vs. AK. He states that the AR looks good on your arm but needs to be handled with care if you want it to do what you want. He calls it a prom queen. He said the AK will take lot's of abuse the AR can't handle and when you are done, wash it off with a hose and it's ready for more. He calls the AK a Biker Chick. He then states when you are in a fight to the death do you want a prom queen or a biker chick fighting with you? Sure it's a funny story and apologies to my biker chick friends but he's right.
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