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Yes...I read often that the rimmed LR cartridge does not feed reliably. Yet, my personal Ruger Mk1, which I have owned and shot since about 1976 has never jammed in untold thousands of rounds.
Due to ammo costs, I have been shooting a lot of rimfire ammo in the last year. I have used a Ruger 10/22, the SR22, a Beretta Bobcat, and an old French Unique pistol. None of them jammed...even once. All the ammo went bang when fired, it was all various CCI loads and Aguila.
I have other options for SD handgun carry, and I am under no illusions about the power of the rimfire round. But there are times when the SR22 gets slipped into my waistband. It is light, thin, fits the hand well, and has decent sights. I would not want to face a person who knew how to use it, had fired thousands of rounds through it, and used it resolutely, regardless of what handgun was in my hands.
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