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Originally Posted by Sharky7 View Post
Somehow I don't think any of your "glocktalkers" will appear.

I have plenty of experience in fights. The good thing though is that I haven't made any false and outlandish claims of being a pro-MMA fighter that I can't back up.

At some point you should take the honorable route - just own up to it and move on. It is what it is.
God forbid that your avatar is a self portrait.Man, you are one scary looking dude.

Let me tell you about Dc Tantrix. In Dc if Sharky is white he is in a fight each and every day to survive. Dc is a very dangerous place at night and the Latino hangs have been known to slice leo throats so Sharky may have been in a number of fights over the years. But he really should have taken them up on a facelift. Just going by his avatar fellas. Good thread here.
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