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Originally Posted by Ruggles View Post
No I fear what nutjobs, terrorist (domestic or foreign), pissed off postal workers, drunk rednecks or bored 16 years kids etc might do with one.

Now if that makes me psychotic as you are implying then I am guilty.

Funny you don't trust you fellow American in the government but you do trust your fellow Americans with weapons that can kill 100s of people at a time.

Governments have proved themselves by killing far more people than any individual nutjob with any individual weapon.

I notice that you ignored my question of why you cared if a guy in Nevada with 1000 acres had RPGs and shot his Cacti with them everyday?

I have offered compromises on how people could have their Constitutional allowed arms, and still protect the public safety. Your compromises focus on being as restrictive as practical. Mine focus on responsible use and storage.

The differences between explosives, and atomic bombs and toxins (chemical and biological) is that explosives have a defined and controllable zone of destruction, just like firearms. Atomic bombs and toxins (air or water borne) do not. The toxins go where ever the wind and water take them. Same with atomic fallout. Atomic bombs take considerable maintenance as well.

No on as far as I has said that one should be able to buy any type of explosive anywhere no matter your age. Maybe some do, I don't

However you should know one gallon of gasoline has the explosive power of 6 sticks of Dynamite. Do you feel safer with your car parked in your garage?

Our Constitution is about freedoms from government restrictions because of what we might do. It is about allowing us freedoms until we DO something to hurt others, THEN punishing us.

If you are a man, you probably have a male sex organ. If so I think you should be put in jail or have it removed so you won't rape hundreds of women. It's for the women and the children, so you should volunteer for it. Probably should do the same with your hands. That way you couldn't hold a gun or a knife that you could kill 10's or hundred of people. Do it for the children.

You want protection from what people might do. I want protection from accidents. Deliberate acts cannot reliably be stopped over time. With enough persistent people and enough time they will succeed.

I personally think we should mandate better driver training. It would likely save more lives that would be lost by eliminating the NFA. I am willing to take that trade-off.

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