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Originally Posted by Landmonster View Post
Interesting post.

Would you say there's no need for a shotgun for HD if you own a pistol and/or AR15 rifle?

If this comment was in response to my verbose posting then here goes:

I don't see any application for a rifle in SD or HD in my very populated environment. It would have to be a major firefight before I would consider using something like an AR and that just isn't going to happen.

Could someone present a SHTF scenario where that much firepower was necessary? Sure, the Rodney King riots come to mind. An AR would be handy under those conditions. Not going to happen in my neighborhood.

But I don't see a use for a shotgun in HD either. I just can't see myself clearing the house with a long gun. As I said earlier, if the tactic is to lie in wait, a shotgun is the way to go. Going through doorways, not so much...

Personally, I am satisfied with a handgun. Inside the house the distances are nearly point blank. Missing isn't likely. Outside the house, in California, claiming SD is very problematic.

Nevertheless, I have 3 tactical shotguns and an AR-15 within immediate reach inside the house. But I have a handgun even closer.

I realize other opinions vary as do circumstances. If I lived in a rural area, the AR might be my favorite SD weapon. It's all situational...

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