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Originally Posted by Glock30Eric View Post
My suggestion is a really dangerous and very effective. Please take a careful consideration in this.

You might want to talk with your two or three friends with a van to have a mock break-in your house while your GF is in the house. That will surely give your GF a reality call. You'll might have to deal with cops responding to this call. You'll have to pay some of $$ for few of broken windows.

I don't really think your GF will want to stay with you after all of this, lol. At least I gave you something to think about.
You, sir, win the Internet

Cannot wait until the day - about 2 weeks from now - when we get the thread "Staged a mock-home invasion and GF wants to press charges, what to do?"

To the OP: I think you went wrong when you tried to push gun=self defense a little too fast. Why can't guns=having fun plinking with a .22 rifle. And as the new shooter becomes more comfortable with firearms, perhaps move on to center fire pistols or shotguns that might be more appropriate for SD/HD.

Try to make it fun.

Edited to add: plinking fun can get the new shooter comfortable enough with firearms to learn the basic rule of safe handling. The Boy Scouts have known this for decades.

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