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Kahr has had single-stack polymer 9mm guns available for years. Good guns. The Shield doesn't break any new ground. Glock knows it's market - service-caliber weapons that are mag-compatible. The G26 is a better gun than the Shield. Care to do a durability test? Glock has nothing to prove, and the G26 is a bullet hose.

S&W did a polymer-frame single stack 9mm about 10 years back (SW9M, anyone? More like "S&M"!). It went - exactly nowhere.

J-frame and 158gr Winchester or Federal LSWCHP+P. If not that, carry something worthy of a belt holster - like a G26 or G27.

Remember, folks, S&W's selling point is that the M&P is now the "anti-Glock". Count on S&W to offer what Glock doesn't. Know what? I hope S&W succeeds. Why? Because LE needs guns with S&W features (manual safety levers, mag disconnects, and even single-stack service caliber guns). The departure of S&W's metal-framed 3rd Gen/TSW guns left a vacuum. It's filled now.

When S&W (or anyone else) builds something better than a G17, G19, or G26, they will earn my undivided attention. Getting closer, but no cigar, Springfield. I still may own a M&P 45 someday, though. Glock does nothing in "ACP" that makes me happy.
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