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Folks have realize that ONE bad gun does not a "junk brand" make. I had one moss that double fed. Took it to one smith, no joy, another and 30 seconds later, no charge it works great. (ok it was more like 10 minutes talking, 3 minutes taking apart/bending...)
Now it feeds anything just fine. That said a 870 is my go to shotgun. I have twice TRIED to buy a semi auto shotgun. Both times I have taken demonstrater shotguns and in 20 rds they jam. :( They take it back/clean/I try again and its still a "single shot" So the shop guy tries it. Same issue. So I have a trust issue with semi auto shotguns. Side issue is. If/when I get one it has to have 6+1 tube. The idea (to me) of self defense semi auto with only 4+1.........
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