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Originally Posted by Travclem View Post
I understand the trade off but 60-61 is not where the chipping will be bad. 62-64 probably will. I understand Chris does this to keep his collectors from *****ing about chipped edges, but I'd really like a knife that could field dress a deer and keep going. Just a few ribs is all it takes to roll CRK's s35 so bad it will no longer cut. My buck vanguard in 420hc handles it just fine, as do my Lusk customs in CPM154. Its pretty sad when a $70 Buck in 420hc is outperforming a $425 dollar CRK in S35vn. Not only outperforming it, flat out smoking it.

The whole reason CRK went to this steel was to save wear on tools, but in the end it is an inferior steel to S30V. For $425 you should at least get decent steel. S35vn could be an ok steel if Chris didn't leave it so soft. I carry my 'Zaan every day and have used it hard, the steel is just not good at all. I continue to carry it due to the excellent craftsmanship and fit, but I always carry a backup knife in good steel. Since I am a user more than a collector, I will never own another CRK in this steel.

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I'll be honest, my Blurs and Leeks (the ones in 14C28N) all hold an edge better than my Zaan. I love the knife, am not at all impressed with the steel. It seems to be on par with my CRKT Aus 8 and low end Gerber/Winchester beaters. I occasionally debate selling it at a loss, but it is a beautifully made knife.
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