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Originally Posted by lunarspeak View Post
you really dont sound like a patriot...they protect something even if they may dissagree with it or it hs some flaws....

you seem to want to destory what you dont like about it even if 99% of every else doesnt agree with you..

and you keep talking about the founding fathers..yes they would support fighting a oppressive thinking if they heard what your trying to spread john adams himself would hang you for treason
These kind of guys imagine themselves as some kind of true American patriots, anybody who disagrees with them is the enemy of America. They have no concept that they live in a society that demands compromise, compromise which is facilitated by that society. They of course willing take advantage of living in that society everyday while cursing it to no end daily. You can not expect a reasonable response from them.

Same idiots who most likely were calling for succession after Obama was reelected. Who cares that it was a lawful legal election, the results they did not agree with so it was grounds for succession.
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