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Originally Posted by racerford View Post
Do you believe that their are not citizens that can constuct a Stinger or a RPG? That they cannot construct almost any weapon that can be crewed by 3 or less people?

Who do you think builds these things, soldiers on military bases?

There are guys all over this country building drone equivilent aircraft every single day. Maybe not the big 60 ft wing span drones but smaller ones. Should we put them all in jail?

Why do you care if a guy in Nevada on a 1000 acres has RPGs and shoots them at his cactus every day. Shouldn't it just be about safe storage and transport? Shouldn't it be about harmful actions on the part of individuals? Not what they could do, but what they actually do or try to do?

Otherwise you should put every guy with a lathe and some barstock and some sheet metal in jail.

Buy the way, a few years ago in the area a guy "accidently" destroyed a bridge here with a tanker truck. IIRC, he died so we will never know if it was an accident (truck too tall for the bridge) or an intentional act; meant to harm large numbers of people or commerce.
Oh Lord how much more can I break it down? It is about limiting risk not eliminating it. Just because you can not eliminate something does not mean you do not try and minimize the risk it present.

Can't eliminate speeders and the harm they sometimes cause but I am not for eliminating the speed limits.
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