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Originally Posted by expatman View Post
I guess my point was more about how many people I hear that think the mil. just walks around base all day with weapons on them. True they should be able to CCW on base which they can't at this time. In reality however, I bet that the ratio of CCW licensed "Joes" vs. unlicensed is not far from the civilian population. This would mean that there would be very little difference when this sort of thing happens from when it happens off base. Hope you understand my point.

For the record, I also feel that "Joe's" should be allowed to CCW on base if they are legal in their state, or any state for that matter since it is Fed. land. That is a different thread topic though.
Sounds like we're actually on the same page. I can see pussified places like college campuses and San Francisco banning CCW, but it boggles the mind that military bases are among those places.
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