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Originally Posted by Jermzzzzzzz View Post
Honestly as a new Glock owner I am surprised by the attitudes here in GT, I thought it'd be full of Gkocktards with the "if it ain't Glock it aint shiet" mentality. Y'all proved me wrong. Glock Talk rocks.

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Any educated gun owner from Glock to HK knows that their pistol wouldn't be here if not for John Browning and his tilting barrel design.

The M1911 was a revolutionary gun for the time.
Glock on the other hand incorporated ideas from other makers and marketed it well.

The tilting barrel has been around for 100 years.
The polymer frame from HK.
The striker fired system is about 100 years old too.

We may never see another revolutionary design our lifetimes, unless someone comes out with a phaser or plasma rifle.
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