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Originally Posted by lunarspeak View Post
you guys keep chirping about freedom but its starting to seem like you guys are just so paranoid that you think you need a RPG to be safe..
I really don't think I need an RPG to be safe. However, I don't think it should be the government's place to to infringe on that right, as clearly stated in the 2A.

you dont have to look at "the people of walmart" to have a argument about why we dont need these rules appealed you only have to look at the people of glocktalk.
It is not about having confidence in people with firearms. If it was an idiot test 50 percent of folks owning firearms would have to relinquish them. Then again, if it was an idiot test to breed we could shrink the populace by about 70 percent.

The right has nothing to do with ability. Frankly, ability has gone down hill because we are are more urban, do far less hunting, and typically aren't raised in a culture where firearms are viewed as what they are-tools. Media hype, ignorance, and fear have created an ineptitude and wusification when it comes to firearms.

you guys are always talking about shooting anyone that comes into your yards..overthrowing the goverment,battleing
Wrong, I am talking about original intent, history, and what the 2A actually meant and means.

the forces of evil (or what you percieve as evil) your the ones that the NFA laws protect us from.
Laws only protect society from the law abiding. The cirminal element has always had, and will always have these same said "scary weapons".
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