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Originally Posted by Ruggles View Post
I did not go there because I did not have too. It is good to see that you (like me) draw a line on what the 2nd A covers. Although our lines as to what is and is not covered may differ we both appear to have them

And stop the black and white labeling of people already it is immature and silly. Just because I support some regulations on firearms does not mean I am a "anti-gunner" whatever that is exactly....I like most adults can use reason to determine things and do not have to resort to simple yes or no for a answer.

Just saw where you posted the same kind of crap in a different thread "BS LEO selective anti-gun nuts." Stop looking for "anti-gunners" behind every rock.

But you are an anti gunner, and anti freedom, you just can't admit you're a statist. I'm far from being an anarchist, I believe there has to be structure and laws, but within the bounds of the Constitution and BOR. Many of the SCOTUS decisions have run contrary to the these documents, because there were/are people on the court like you.

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