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I've owned dozens of 1911s made by Colt, Kimber, Dan Wesson, and other lesser known manufactures. Mostly I've owned Colts. Overall they have not been as reliable as my Glocks (owned maybe 10 of them.)

Back when IPSC was a 'walk-n-draw' organization I say many a 1911 jam. So I went to P-35 High Powers and virtually never and jam in the matches. Many of my trophies were not so much my shooting prowess than the fact my gun worked.

That led me to Glocks and IDPA. Been in mucho number of local and state matches. Unless you pay $$ for a high end 1911 you do see many of them fail. Glocks? Well unless you tinker with them adding non-Glock parts and sub-power loads then you virtually never see them jam!

The problem is so many no-standard 1911 parts, mags, and many gun manufactures that make clones. That leads to problems with out-of-spec parts. Glock for the most part does not have that problem.

Does that mean 1911s are jam-a-matics? No. I've seen some very good ones but overall they don't do as well as Glocks.

Hence I pack Glocks for social purposes.

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