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Originally Posted by bac1023 View Post
Sounds like you need to gain some real world knowledge before posting. Why post when you're obviously clueless of the subject matter?


This is a consistent and persistent situation on this forum. Perhaps it is because I am old, but my overall impression is that a majority of individuals posting on this forum are inexperienced and have little, if any relative frame of reference. I am astounded how often the threads deal with such elementary issues that I (incorrectly) assume are common knowledge and repeatedly it seems to be a case of; “the blind leading the blind.”

I find that individuals continually bloviate about matters and subjects on this forum, without any foundational basis, because they can and it makes them feel important and boosts their egos. Even when they are criticized and/or attacked it serves their purposes as at least someone is paying attention to them.

But now I am sounding like a freshman in college that is taking psychology 101, so I will cease with my amateur psychoanalysis.

RJ, another great post, which I've noticed, has been the norm for you. Why don't you check out 1911 Addicts some time? I think you'd feel right at home there.
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