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Originally Posted by greenlion View Post
That is the interesting bit in the article though. It shows what happens to bullets spinning with a faster twist rate AFTER they penetrate the barrier. He also tells how slow motion cameras have revealed bullets doing much more than they should be doing during regular flight, when the twist is too slow.

He says that, based on new evidence, many manufacturers in the industry are changing their minds about what you stated in your post, and going with a faster twist rate for pistol bullets.
This will be interesting article and I'll pick up the magazine tonight... Actually this is well known fact in rifle bullets - for example, 7.62 AK round comes out of 1:10 twist rate barrel, where 5.56 AR round comes out of 1:7 barrel twist ( very generally speaking...) Even the AK round is heavier and brakes bricks and such barrier material, it will not compare at any way to the AR round that drills trough steel plates way easier... One of the reasons is - it is more stabilized... Of course this is very raw example - AK round is intermediate cartridge and 5.56 is a rifle cartridge but you got the idea...
a simple, hot loaded FMJ 9x19 will easily penetrate 16" FBI protocol, gelatin block, even out of 4" barrel, but I don't understand who will need such round unless we are talking some special purposes guns and ammo...
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