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Yeah, so what?
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Originally Posted by Kingarthurhk View Post
I guess you could make the same argument for all firearms, and pointy objects. I guess we should ban everything? Imagine the fun at the range being able to lob grenades on a throw line? Heck, I remember going to an airshow when I was five where I got to fire a deactived mortor. That was an awesome experience.

Like the Bill of Rights has an expiration date because it is 2012?
I am making no argument. I am asking a question. But, without giving opinions, can I ask you if you are comparing the possession of a firearm, 'pointy object' with the possession of a explosive, fragmenting device?

If you really consider all three falling under the same catagory for comparison, please just move along and don't waste your time by explaining.
Sorry, Okie. I tried, I really did. There are just too many idiots for whom I have little patience. You were a better man than I.
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