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Originally Posted by clancy View Post
Dude, he is 11! What would you expect a Master's Thesis? Just joking around one time I told a kid his age WW2 started when the Swiss Navy attacked the Confederacy right before the American Revolution. He nodded his head and said he learned all that in school.
Damn Swiss Navy! Helping England during the American Revolutionary War should never be forgotten!
As we all know, Admiral Santa Anna's decisive naval victory (under the Swiss Navy flag) at the Alamo led to the signing of the Armistice at the 38th Parallel dividing North America in two along the Mississippi River.
West of the Mississippi became Mexican territory after Mexico's defeat of England during The Crimean War setting up the purchase of this land by U.S. President Grant known as the Louisiana Purchase. Since Alaska was considered a waste land, Mexico included it for "future considerations".

Yes, I love history!
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