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Originally Posted by zoyter2 View Post
So, considering the society in which we are living, just what would be a valid plan to "retrieve the lost horse", so that a grenades could be sold to civilians and the subsequent use of those grenades would very rarely negatively impact innocents?
I guess you could make the same argument for all firearms, and pointy objects. I guess we should ban everything? Imagine the fun at the range being able to lob grenades on a throw line? Heck, I remember going to an airshow when I was five where I got to fire a deactived mortor. That was an awesome experience.

Circuitous debates are often just debates in which one side offers nothing but an unwavering opinion, backed by extreme examples supporting those opinions, lacking the offer of any type of resolution for the debated idea.
Like the Bill of Rights has an expiration date because it is 2012?
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