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Originally Posted by kenpoprofessor View Post
So, just like I said, you're content with the oppression simply because you've been conditioned to think so. Because it's already happened, then we now have to keep the status quo???

This is truly a circuitous debate point. It's the equivalent of saying, "Well, the barn door was open and the horse got out", but never bothering to retrieve the lost horse.

Have a great gun carryin' Kenpo day

So, considering the society in which we are living, just what would be a valid plan to "retrieve the lost horse", so that a grenades could be sold to civilians and the subsequent use of those grenades would very rarely negatively impact innocents?

Circuitous debates are often just debates in which one side offers nothing but an unwavering opinion, backed by extreme examples supporting those opinions, lacking the offer of any type of resolution for the debated idea.
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