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Originally Posted by Kingarthurhk View Post
I'm sorry, I forgot it is 2012. You're absolutely right, all your rights under the Bill of Rights should be null and void; because, after all they were written by men in silly looking wigs in the 18th century. So, I guess, you aren't allowed to have an opinion, because that opinion might be dangerous, you should expect to have law enforcement search your home at will, and there are some displaced veterans that need quartering. Afterall, it is 2012, right?

The technology for electronic surveillance has increased, so you shouldn't expect privacy in your own home. Oh, and there has been a lenghty war that has been going on longer than that pesky 1776 and 1812 thing, so there are some troops that need to be housed. Lucky for you, you have extra rooms. But, hey, as part of your patriotic duty you can sleep on the couch and the living room floor and they can have your rooms, right?

Oh, and forget not incriminating yourself, if you get picked up, because that is antiquated as well, Also, you have an unpopular religious choice, so you are going to have to attend whatever relgions the state has chosen.

I mean, for heaven's sake it is 2012 afer all.
What are you rambling about? Nice little rant there but sadly for you based on nothing I said or even implied

I did notice you did not answer any of my question though
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