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Originally Posted by E-2-E View Post
Don't live all that far from Tactical and never have been there. I do live less than 3 mi. from Wolffs and been there once. A friend wants to sponsor me for Torrington Gun Club, which would be nice.
It's a really nice range with a mil-spec backstop. I live 10 min from an indoor range but they only allow frangible rifle ammo that must be bought thru them. At Tactical Arms I can shoot FMJ 5.56 all day long. That's why I drive 45min each way. The only downside is that they have metal diamond plate lane dividers and it gets pretty loud in there... No biggie, but what pisses me off is that here in CT youre paying $25-30/hour to shoot.... Keeps me from going as much as I'd like to...
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