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Originally Posted by CajunBass View Post
I would have carded you too, and I was born when Harry Truman was president. But when I worked at a convience store, I quickly figured out it was easier and safer to just card everyone who bought tobacco and beer. Saved a lot of "Hey, you didn't card him/her" arguments, plus I could go to jail if I sold those items to someone underage. Ammo is probably the same way. Not just get fired. Not just the store get fined (which they would too), but I personally COULD GO TO JAIL. And yes, the state runs sting operations. Yea, you were going to show me your ID, or the smokes/chew/beer stayed in the store. Didn't matter to me.

I got the "They're for my mother" line a lot, too.
I didn't give the guy a hard time. But, anybody who would card me to establish that I'm over 18 is an idiot. Most places like Walmart have a sign that says "we card for people under 30" regarding alcohol or tobacco. Walmart has a forced response for the cashiers so they have to card buyers. Any cashier with common sense would look at me for a second and then hit a button on the register and continue ringing my order up because it is obvious I was over 30 when I still bought alcohol.

It's conceivable that someone who looks 29yo could actually be 17.9yo. There is simply no way a 17yo could have the salt and pepper hair and wrinkles I have. Not only did the guy card me, he had me remove my DL and hand it to him while he actually studied it and compared my photo and face several times.

There is something called "reasonable". It was not reasonable to card me for 18 years. I figure this store might have gotten popped for selling to underage by accident and now they were over reacting. Whatever the reason, the clerk was polite and I wasn't going to give a guy making prolly $7.00 and hour for doing his job. It's not like he was giving me a hard time just for the his own entertainment. But to say "I would have carded you too" is silly. I get a pension for crying out loud. It is in no way reasonable to think I'm in high school.
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