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Originally Posted by Stevekozak View Post
Pretty sure you should have read the rest of the thread before making you first post. It seems that in Wisconsin ( if that is where the dude lives at) it is not illegal to drink while carrying, provided you are not impaired by said drinking. Wheither or not one drink would impair the gentleman in question is a different question. I frankly don't understand the people that say you should never carry a firearm if you have a drink. I wonder if same persons leave their pocket knives and other sharp objects at home too, when having a drink. That is another discussion, though, and one that has been kicked around in this forum before.
I agree with your statement. I have been told here in MN, it is illegal to be in possession of a firearm ( on your person) and have a .04 BCA or more.

I know instructors for permit to carry courses make the statement "if you drink at all, dont carry" so it is probably a safe rule in more ways than one to live buy.
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