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Originally Posted by Ruggles View Post
Imagine 9/11 with a few dozen SA7s thrown in across the country.....I would guess those boys could have paid $30,000 a pop for them....of course a few fully armed surplus SU-24s would have meant the airliners were not needed to attack NYC....

As I stated earlier the balance between the standing military and armed citizen is not and never will be what it once was. Using that as a reference point is outdated.
9/11? Really? Since when was it legal to hijack an aircraft? Hmm? If they didn't care it was illegal to hijack an aircraft, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have cared about a few weapons being illegal too. They were terrorists, trained by Al-Qaeda, if Al-Qaeda wanted them to have a few dozen SA7s, they would've had a few dozen SA7s, legal or not. If they wanted a few fully armed SU-24s, I'm sure they would've done it.

Your argument is the exact same argument anti-gun people. "Well, if guns were illegal, then there wouldn't be any gun violence."


The only thing people these laws are stopping, are the law-abiding citizen. If you haven't noticed, Al-Qaeda has tons of RPGs, if they wanted them here, they would bring them here.
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