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Sorry to double post here but a couple more (potentially) overlooked things.

Here in Minnesota it is:

A. Illegal to speed.
B. Illegal to drive with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) over .08 (same as in every other state)
C. Illegal to drive if even the smallest amout of alcohol impairs your ability to operate a motor vehicle (meaning if you have one shot, and you are s**t faced, you cannot drive)
D. NOT a civil rights violation to ask a person if they have a weapon on or about their person, and if they have a firearm they are carrying, or intend to carry, must provide proof of a carry permit upon the officers request (so therefore, asking if the firearm is loaded...... thats just good..... how shall we say...... questions???)

And finally, if you were in fact placed "under arrest" most agencies have DEPARTMENT POLICY to search a motor vehicle to inventory the contents. That way the subject of the stop cannot come back and say "hey, I had $2,500 cash on the passenger seat when I was stopped, where is it?"

So.... that is more than likely why they searched your vehicle OP
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