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My wife was kind of like this. She had a .45 held to her head several years ago. Kind of turned her off on guns. So in the last 5 years she's gone from not liking guns to going shooting. Now she's still not wild about them, but she is talking about getting her permit.

I started by taking her to the range with me. I'd ask her if she wanted to shoot and she said no. After a couple of times like this, she wanted to shoot my Glock. She fired about 4 rounds and decided the .40 was too much for her wrist. I borrowed a friends G-22 with a .22 conversion kit. She fell in love with that. I ended up getting a Sig Mosquito and she shoots that when we go. The last time I had her shoot my S&W 586 with .38. She did great with that.

Now in the last couple of weeks we've had 2 vehicles and and a trailer of ATV's stolen a block south of us and a break in this morning a block north of us. And yes, we live in a good neighborhood, but it's happening everywhere. She wants to go to the range again on Monday.

My advise, move slow with her and not push too much. I'm afraid you'll turn her off even more. Just let her move at her pace with it. Good luck.
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