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I have been watching some videos on YouTube about this very thing. One thing is common in each one; the person being questioned by the authorities is a jerk that is overly consumed with exercising his rights to the fullest without considering the law and the rights of others. Being questioned by an officer is not a crime, but being a jerk to an officer will quickly and legally restrict your rights at hand.

I am working on getting my Handgun Carry Permit and these types of things are interesting to me. But like I said, there is always a common thread among all posts and videos. For instance, as I understand it, in TN when pulled over by a LEO, you are to immediately notify them that you are armed and turn over your firearm to them during the stop.

I am also glad to know that there are LEO's out there serious about keeping our communities safe and are making concerted efforts to keep bad guys with guns off the street. If that means I get questioned by a few cops, so be it. As long as I am courteous, as we all should be since these men/women are protecting us, then all should go well.
Actually there's not a right to notify in TN, but we will know you have a handgun carry permit when we run your DL. The officer may or may not ask for the weapon. I never have. I normally just ask where it is and leave it there. LEOs do have the right statutorily to disarm in TN if they feel there's a safety concern. Normally that's not hard to articulate involving a traffic stop.

And you're right, courtesy goes a long way. I have yet to disarm a permit holder after 11 years on the job. I've arrested a handful, but it was DUI and/or drug-related. I was involved in another arrest where the permit holder had a handgun with filed serial numbers. That didn't end well for him. ATF got involved.

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