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Originally Posted by I Shooter View Post
Hi all.

I got a letter in the mail the other day. It told me that my drivers license had been suspended because of non payment of a ticket that I got for no seat belt.

The only real problem is that I never got such a ticket. I was never stopped. Nor was I ever in the town that they said I got it in.

I have talked with local police and was told more or less that I was a lier and needed to pay the ticket.

I sent the money off to get my license back. Now what do I do about this.

This is all bull. I wold have paid the fine if I had gotten the ticket. The fine is only $25.00. The bad part is that they can do this again to me.

I have no idea what to do.

Any one have any ideas?

You could ask for documentation, either in a still shot (if it was one of those sneaky 'red light cameras') or you could request the officer come forward to prove the infraction.

Might have to go to court to get either.

Depends on how much your time is worth to you.

Does anybody else drive your vehicle?

Hope you get resolution!
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