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Originally Posted by BuzznRose View Post
I bought an XDm 3.8 9mm for my daughter who didn't like shooting our Glock 19's. Big Mistake--now my wife wants one over her G19! And it caused me to sell my G21 and buy an XDm 4.5 in .45 ACP. Still have several Glocks, but the XDm is a very nice shooting platform!

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That's awesome! I'm willing to bet those Glocks are gonna get a bit dusty

Originally Posted by bootman View Post
Glock talk may kick me off here but the XDM compact has the G19 beat all around..go with the XDM 9mm compact...

I agree, I like it better! I purchased it a few days ago, but I love the glock talk forum over Xd talk, and I do like glock- I just shoot the SA guns better.
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