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Originally Posted by bunk22 View Post
It's not that simple though and that sounds like it the attack was the solely the fault of the US. Japanese aggression in China started in 1931, Manchuria as I recall. Their need to solve economic issues began with China, expand and control. So the US began economic sanctions and embargo's after Japan declared war on China in 37. Of course Japan continued its expansion into places like Indochina. Japan's bombing of Pearl Harbor wasn't just due to an oil embargo, it was also set on a course of expansionism. They needed oil and other resources and we apparently were in their way. They signed into the pact with the axis powers in 1940 and had even named a governor for Alaska and Washington State. Japan (militaristic government) wanted a war and got careful what you wish for.
Dude, he is 11! What would you expect a Master's Thesis? Just joking around one time I told a kid his age WW2 started when the Swiss Navy attacked the Confederacy right before the American Revolution. He nodded his head and said he learned all that in school.
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