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Ok, I'm 12 years older then my little brother, Dad wanted a in ground Pool and Mom wanted a baby, after four years we moved and low and behold we still have the little bastage but the pool...

Anyway I saw this coming, Mom and Dad decided to go from the wavey water bed mattress to the waveless and I talked Mom and Dad out of the old mattress claiming it would be the worlds best Pool toy ever!!

To set the scene our back yard was small I mean they literally had to use a shoe horn to get the Pool into the back yard, from my Mom and Dads bedroom window you could not see the pool because of the porch roof, Mom is in her room folding laundry and sees me jump off the diving board then 20' away sees her 3 yr old "Baby" clear the roof on the porch......

For those of you that are slow think of this only I did it in 1985...

I don't remember much after that......
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