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Originally Posted by PattonT View Post
I had a CW45 and actually liked it but I could not reload for it. About every other round would catch on the ejecting case. Factory FMJ was 100%. STAY AWAY FROM HORNADY with the Kahr 45's as the chamber is reamed too tight to feed. I tried the commander sized 1911 magazine and honestly it's not worth the trouble of modifying it to work with the Kahr testing it so much. I had one of the safariland ALS holsters for a G19 that worked great.

I would think any lead round nose bullet would work for reloading. I'm guessing the Hornady bullet is JHP. I'm sure I may get some arguments here, but it is my understanding not to use reloads for SD ammo. I only use factory JHP, and so far, haven't found any rounds that don't work well in my CW45. I use a MTAC for a G19 for my CW45, and it works well also. I heard about modifying 1911 mags, but I'm happy with the stock 6rd mag. Maybe, one day, I'll try an ext 7rd mag for a backup.
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