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Stupid Sibling Tricks

Another thread got me thinking of some of the mean/funny things we used to do to our brothers and sisters long ago, when it was expected of a kid.

Scene-back yard pond skating rink.

Problem-couldn't skate as fast as my older brother.

Solution- Offered by my older brother-Lick your skate blade.

Drawback- tongue stuck to skate, skate on foot, totally immobilized and in pain. The pushed off the bench by older brother.

Payback- wait 6 years, and do same to little brother. (patients is a virtue.

Scene- older sister snitches me out for having a Playboy magazine.

Problem- embarressed and my mother thinks I'm a pervert at 14 years old..

Solution- One bottle of Channel #5, one bottle of Old Woodsman Fly Dope, older sisters junior prom.....swap the products. She gave herself a good spray down just before her date showed up.

Payback- 40 years later she still has picture of me at 3 years old dressed in her first communion dress...yeah....real drag queen. She threatens to post it on internet to this day!

Any other stories of usually bloodless sibling tricks?
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