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Originally Posted by misunderestimated View Post
So with what I said

I found that the journey,was better then the destination.

Meaning I really enjoyed building the car.I finished it in 2005 and it only has 3000 miles on it. Less then 428 miles a year. Don't get me wrong the car drives like a dream.but it seams it was funner to build then drive.

Good Luck on your journey.
I'm the same way with my Vettie,,,, I know I will get back a fraction of the $$ I invested in the car but I do not plan on selling it in any sense either. Building the engine was fun and rebuilding the chassis front to rear and putting it all back together and then driving down the road is a blast.

I drive almost every weekend in the summer except when the days are really hot and humid or chances of rain. The GF and I go out to eat or just take a day trip around a lake.

When I'm alone in the car Pretty girls wave at me !! I really like that,,,when the GF is with me I get nothing.
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