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Originally Posted by K.Kiser View Post
Women and their fragrances -- very annoying... When the whole bath and bodyworks went insane years ago, I wanted to live in a bubble... I don't mind some light and clean fragrance that I can only smell when I'm close to them, but some of that mess is an assault and ALOT of those lotions are just purely pungent..

My male elders told me when I was coming up to avoid those very perfumed woman... It's often to cover up nasty funk..
I will only go into a B&BW or any store that sells perfumes and has testers sitting around during slow hours. If possible, I will only go when they first open. I love some of B&BW's stuff but the majority of it I cannot handle.

I got on the elevator at work the other night. Someone had left my office SIX HOURS earlier and I could still smell her perfume in the elevator. Can you imagine her car during the summer?
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