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I lived and worked in Japan for 6 years. Every August, they have ceremonies at Hiroshima and Nagaskai. They protest too - but they don't protest against America for dropping the atomic bombs on them - they protest nuclear weapons in general.

The idea of hate everything Japanese because of Pearl Harbor - you gotta remember that most Japanese people had no choice in the matter - their government and military leaders made the decision for them. Its similair to our involvement in the Vietnam War - the decision wasn't made by the people, the POTUS decided to send troops there - how popular was that? Should the Vietnamese people hate YOU because your dad or uncle fought in Vietnam? Vietnam NEVER attacked the USA. Perhaps you also believe that all African-Americans deserve to be paidoff because thier ancestors were slaves? If you're never going to forgive people for past mistakes (and most of my Japanese friends feel that WWII was a huge mistake) then how far back in history do you go? "I'm never going to buy a Wilson CQB because they are made in Arkansas and my great - great cousin's uncle was killed at Gettysburg by them damn southerners!" sounds a little silly, right? I mean heck, England attacked us twice and we still sided with them in WWI and WWII. I could go on and on, but I think you get my point.

And before you claim that I'm a PC, left-wing, tree-hugging apologist, let me say that I feel that we were completely in the right in using the atomic bombs against Japan, and I told my friends there the same thing. I just feel that at somepoint in our lives we have to forgive and move on . . .
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