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Originally Posted by GlockPride View Post
You might want to edit this before BAC wakes up. He probably has the most *exquisite* and unique handgun collection on this forum. If not tops on this forum, at least top three.
He is no rank amateur and retains near encyclopedic knowledge of 20th century handguns.

Cheers and have a great day!
+1. This is a guy alot of us turn to for a resource on information, is quite respectable, and a cool dude. Show a little love

I'm not gonna join in on the hateful banter, but say that 1911 is indeed a fine pistol, and all the ones I've ever bought or considered buying, were used. None of the ones I've inspected (quite a few), have had a few (I've seen a couple, that were BEAT. I mean, abused.), but not many of those traits to be weary of. Sure, parts can break as with any mechanical device, and glocks are no different, man.

There's also checks you should do with buying a used glock, to be sure it's safe and able to fire. Such as checking your recoil spring's wear, inspecting your barrel for bulges, etc. All used guns should go through a safety inspection by someone who knows what they're looking at, before it's shot. That's not just 1911's.

Keep an open mind, is all I'm saying. There's guns out there that aren't safe, and shouldn't be considered buying, sure. The 1911 is not one, as a platform.
I don't always rock out with my glock out, but when I do, it's all the way.
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