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Originally Posted by banjobob View Post
TravClem, I'm very jealous. I have an AR10T that sucks and is getting a new barrel as we speak. I have no idea how much money I spent on trips to the range, load development, shipping costs to armalite for 2 new barrels before I threw the towel in and acknowledged armalite sucked. I now am paying for a bartlein to be put on it and would have been so much better off with an OBR.

During that process I bought the 5.56 OBR in 18" It is magnificent, test group was slightly over 1/2 minute. I can consistently shoot it the same and sometimes better.

The lesson I learned was to buy quality once and be done with it. As a fellow Texan, I'm sure you will also share an extra source of pride looking at a silhouette of Texas on the side of your rifle. Good for you.
We call it "Buy once, cry once."
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