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My Butt Hurts, but no Hate

...but all it did for me was scare me out of a 1911.
That happens to some people.
...all common problems with 1911's... Things that should be expected with the 1911 pistol
I did have a front sight blow off a Colt Govt one time which I was not expecting. I kept shooting that day anyway. Got a new one staked in/on. Good to go. I also did have some cheap magazine feeding issues once. That can be annoying.

Speaking of kicking tires... 1911 - 1985 a very short service life granted. Only lasted thru one or two, maybe three or four major wars, ONLY, sheesh. OK, I'll give you that. Heavy, old fashioned, limited round count... sure. Heat treatment technology somewhat sketchy at first, OK, yeah there's that. For awhile, only a sole mfg for commercial sales, well doesn't that suck? Perhaps I should write "didn't" that suck?

But for some strange reason today, unfathomable to some, there are a lot of 1911 tires one can kick, from low cost units made somewhere else to pricey truly custom made one at a time tires, and everything in between.

Takes a Kickin and keeps on going BANG. But... with so many mfgs making so many of the damn things in different materials and processes (can you say MIM?), some things are bound to go wrong, sure.

HK's, I feel a tingle going up my leg I tell ya.

Glocks... well, here we all are at GlockTalk, so Gaston and his boys must have done something right. Or well. On the cheap.

But... what's that you say?
Some issues with some of the newer generations?
Wait just a minute Mister.
KaBooms in certain models once in a while?
No Way Dude! That's just another internet lie! It had to be the ammo, could never be an unsupported chamber barrel... even if I read it on the internet because I believe everything I read, don't you?

Never heard of Recoil magazine. Must look that up. and this Jerry Tsai?

It is nice to have choices tho' and who doesn't love to stir the fanboi hornets nest once in awhile?

You should get a 1911 to fear & hate coleslaw. They are out there. Some say Kimbers with exterior extractors and/or Paras will serve you best in this regard. Others hate the commie Chinese clones so much they were banned. Banned! From our shores! Banned. So apparently, someone else agrees with you there... or here.

Or do what Yeager tells you. Your call.
Fraternitas Ante Omnia
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