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Originally Posted by Rustin View Post
I don't think the op was trolling, it's just that he was frightened away from the wonderful world of 1911s by a magazine that most real shooters reject, and from a firearms trainer that most real shooters have no respect for. Look, I saw the article, but I've never seen, in person that is, any 1911's with cracked anything. The guns run and run and run. OP, 1911 guys are no worse than Glock guys. Get a damned 1911 and learn for yourself. (And bac is the perfect person to help you choose a specific 1911, plus hes an all around good guy as well.)
The OP could at least buy 20 to 30 examples of a 1911 and try them out for a few thousand rounds each. Then he and Bac could have some good discussions afterwards over a beer
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