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Originally Posted by OMEGA5 View Post
I have a Bushnell TRS 25 on mine that I like so well I
have 1 on my S&W2215, Ruger .44 Carbine, Marlin 336
and my Mini 14. 3000 hour battery life, remains true and
you can find them for around $90 bucks.
I have 4 of the TRS-25s mounted on a .22 pistol, an AK, a 9mm carbine and a girlfriend's AR-15. I had one that was DOA, the others have been great.

What I'd really like is a IR 1x4 power scope that doesn't break the bank. Why is it that 3x9s are cheap, 2x7s are cheap, even 4x10s are cheap, but everyone that makes a 1x4 treats it like its solid gold?

I may have to look into this Lucid. Anyone who has one know if they can be used with an external magnifier instead of the screw in?

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